Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Volunteer Fran's 150ft Abseil Challenge!

Abseiling for the love of cats in care at the IOW Adoption Centre.

Read on to understand how lucky the cats at the IOW Adoption Centre were to become when Fran decided to volunteer and foster for us!

Fran has been a volunteer for the Isle of Wight Adoption Centre for the last few years. Fran has been a regular socialiser every Sunday morning and spends quality time with shy, nervous cats or cats with behaviour issues. As a valued fosterer Fran has fostered many cats and some of our regular Facebook friends might recognise the names of Minnie Moo, Zena and Peaches.

Fran spent several months befriending Minnie Moo, gaining her trust and building up her confidence. She did such a good job that we felt it would set Minnie back coming back into our care so Fran did stories and photos for Facebook and was happy to home Minnie from her home. Minnie is still a bit shy but is happy in her home thanks to Fran's hard work.

Zena was next who arrived at CP in a poor state. Her habit of self harming and making her skin so sore was repeated in our cattery environment so a foster home was more suitable for her. Medication helped but Zena was a troubled girl and the love Fran showed her was so important after being sore and in pain. After months of treatment Zena came back to us for rehoming looking like a different cat, an amazing transformation.

Well, then came Peaches, a survivor of a horrible road accident. "Fran, can you look after her while she recovers from having her leg amputated? Just for a couple of weeks". Fran of course said yes as Peaches was in a lot pain and traumatised after her ordeal. Fran administered her medication and started to gain Peaches' trust. One day she had some nasty discharge so Fran hurried her to the vets to discover Peaches was pregnant and later that night she gave birth to one little kitten. Did Fran panic - well maybe a little, she hadn't bargained on this surprise! And after weeks of nursing her injuries and bringing Peaches back to full health, Peaches tail damaged from the accident had to be removed. But who wouldn't love a 3 legged tail- less cat! 

It just doesn't stop there though... Fran has helped on stalls and dressed up as cats in the local carnivals. Fran is truly dedicated to helping the homeless cats at the Isle of Wight adoption centre and is now setting herself the challenge of abseiling down 150 ft of the Avon Gorge in Bristol to raise money for more cats than need help.

For instance, two new cats that we have just taken in will need veterinary treatment for many weeks, one has severely damaged paws which are so painful to walk on, two of his feet have had to be bandaged. The other has an extremely sore skin condition. The average stay for a healthy cat in Cats Protection is £180. The standard adoption fee will be just £50 per cat. 

So we can leave it up to you to see how important our fundraising is to ensure the future of the IOW adoption centre cats! Dig deep everyone, have a heart and sponsor Fran today - thank you.


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