Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Employment Opportunity - Minnie Moo seeks housekeeper/servant for permanent position.

 Minnie Moo starts to trust again

Hello Minnie Moo here -  I came into Cats Protection with a neck injury and was feeling very nervous about everything. I found it difficult to settle at the centre. Once my neck was almost healed the staff decided that I needed to have my own personal servant or as they call it a foster carer. I have been in foster care for about three weeks now and am now looking to employ my own housekeeper. This temp does her best but its no substitute for a permanent home with staff.

I’ll let my servant uh em I’d better say foster carer (she can get a bit touchy about these things, strange creature) explain more about me and what it’s like to be in my employ…

Hi I’m Minnie’s foster carer  but servant is probably a better description if I’m honest but then anyone who has owned a cat will know exactly what I mean. As Minnie has already told you she has been with me for about three weeks now and that she came into CP with a neck wound and is a nervous cat.

I don’t know a lot about Minnie’s past life but she was very nervous at the CP centre and hid all the time in her box. Since she has been in foster care with me at home, although she is still nervous, she has shown positive signs of improvement.
Minnie Moo is an interesting character and for a cat that is so nervous, she is not exactly backwards in coming forwards to let me know if she wants something. She is also surprisingly not bothered by all kinds of noisy things like thunderstorms. It just seems like she has never quite got to grips with being around humans.
At first she spent any time when I was around squeezed down the side of the sofa, tucked into the corner against a wall or just
 hissing at me whenever I went anywhere near.  She would mostly only come out for food and to use her litter tray when I was not around. I soon discovered that despite the hissing she is not immune to the power of Dreamies and that she would come out of hiding for them and allow me to stroke her whilst she ate them. I also realised that she was also purring as I stroked her.

Now although she hides away all day she has another bed which although still hidden is more out in the open, so she appears to be more comfortable in her surroundings and shows that she is slightly more relaxed. I still find her down the side of the sofa first thing in the morning which I really think is because she is waiting for breakfast as I have caught her out and about on several occasions now as her confidence slowly grows. She also has started to come out in the evening to meow at me if she wants more food or Dreamies cheeky madam! However the good bit is at that time I can stroke her and she seems to be ok with this.

She still hisses at me  at times but I think this is almost like a reflex action and despite the hissing she has not shown any real aggression towards me since she has been in my care.

Minnie is most active in the evening as the sun goes down  and will sit on the window sill and watch the world. She often plays with her toys at night when I have gone to bed but I have managed to play with her with a fishing rod toy a couple of times.

I have seen this improvement in a short space of time and think that it is now time for Minnie to find her permanent/forever home with somebody who is prepared to accept her as she is and to continue to work with her to increase her confidence with people.
Being honest, I don’t think she will ever completely give up her independant ways but with time I think that she may show further improvement and will reward her new owner/servant in her own unique way. Minnie Moo has obviously been through some trauma that she can't tell us about and needs patience and understanding and love she deserves.

Are you that special someone?

Because of Minnie Moo’s nature we are looking to home her directly from foster care  so if you are interested and either want more information or would like to offer her a home please contact the adoption centre on tel:01983 562609 or isleofwight@cats.org.uk