Monday, 30 April 2012

Kitten boom

May is upon us and so is the kitten season. Over the last week we have had a kitten boom. Here are our new arrivals.

Lily and her babies


Lily came into the centre with four tiny babies. The kittens are roughly around a week old. She has two blacks, one dark tortie and one tabby kitten.

This photo was taken today of the happy family.

Mary - found in a stable

Mary was brought into the centre as a stray she was found in a barn in Ashey. She came in with one tiny dark tortie kitten. We have been led to believe that Mary also had more kittens but sadly they didn't make it. Nature can be very brutal and the kittens didn't survive due to predation.

We began to notice that something wasn't right with Mary's one remaining kitten. Mary had almost given up hope as well. We unfortunately came in on Saturday morning to find that Mary's little baby had passed away in the night. We were all absolutely devastated. Mary seems to be coping well on her own. She is a wonderful cat and she deserves a happy life after all she has been through. She will be available for adoption very soon.

April's family


April came into the centre last week and gave birth to three adorable pale ginger kittens on Saturday. We are happy to say that April and her babies are doing really well. We captured this image of the happy family today.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kitten rescue

Connie and kittens rescued from the rafters! 

On Thursday we had a call from Stoneham Construction in Havenstreet. They had come across a young mother and six tiny kittens, the mum had given birth in a secluded spot in the roof! The mum was very nervous, so staff members Dave and Emily took along a humane trap in the hope of catching her.


Later on that afternoon we received a call to say that mum had been caught, now the tricky part of rescuing the kittens. As you can see from these photos, it was not an easy task, thank goodness Emily is so small! She managed to squeeze in and rescue all six tiny babies. 

We are very happy to say that mum who is now called Connie and her kittens are safe and well at the centre. Connie is very protective over her babies, it must have been quite an ordeal for her hearing her kittens cry whilst they were being rescued. She has now forgiven us, but she is still a little apprehensive and does like to hiss. But once she has gotten over that she enjoys lots of fuss.

Here are some images that we captured of them yesterday. Connie just wouldn't keep still! She has four black kittens and two black and whites. We think they are around five days old.

We will keep you updated on how this remarkable little family are doing.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Mel and Jo have a cat chat with Heather

We went to IOW Radio today for a cat chat with afternoon show host Heather McCallum. We took along lovely kitty Katie. For those of you that missed the show, here's a run through of what happened.

Katie is 10 years old, a real cutie with stunning green eyes. She is still looking for a home, she was brought into the centre because her owner was having a baby. 

Thank you to everyone who came along to our quiz night at the High Park Tavern we raised over £200. Because of this huge success we are now having another quiz at St George's Social Club in Newport, Saturday 26th May. £2 per head, the quiz starts at 7:30pm. 

On May 5th we are having a Spring Fair at the Adoption Centre, 12 - 4pm. Fun for all the family - bouncy castle, face painting, raffle, bbq, refreshments, live music by David Ouston and David Randini the Magician will be there from 2pm. 

We are becoming increasingly concerned by the amount of calls we are receiving from people who have taken on kittens as young as 4 weeks old. Kittens start to eat solid food from 4-5 weeks of age and do not become fully weaned until they are 8-9 weeks old. We have had countless calls to say that these young kittens are not eating and not growing properly. A kitten from Cats Protection will not leave its mother until its 9 weeks old. This way they have been fully weaned and gone through a socialisation program. 

We believe that educating people about this matter is very important. Just remember 8 weeks is the youngest a kitten can leave its mother, we recommend 9 weeks. Our kittens are micro-chipped, health checked and vaccinated too. 

Staff members Emily and Stacey have been working hard on videos of the cats. Our latest video is a real tug on the heartstrings. We have all cried watching it and we know the cats are well looked after.  

We will be on the show again soon so please listen out for us. Don't forget to follow us on facebook, twitter and google+.

Older cats

Age is just a number

Take a look at our new video, find it in your heart to give an older cat a chance of happiness. All of the cats featured have not been reserved yet. People are often put off by their age, but what is age but a number? These cats are some of the most loving that we have here at our centre. So please we urge you to come up and meet them. We challenge you not to feel sad when you watch this video. It can be very depressing for us seeing the same cats sat in their white boxes day in day out whilst others come in and go out in a flash. So now let the cats tell their story...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Carmen's kittens

All grown up

How sweet to Carmen's kittens look? They have all been reserved and will be going to their new homes shortly.

We wish them all the best of luck. It's been so wonderful to watch all five of them grow up. Their individual personalities have really started to become apparent. They are all good natured thanks to their fab mum Carmen.


Mummy Carmen is still waiting to find her new home though. She is gentle and affectionate, she has been a superb mum and now deserves a peaceful life with a loving family. So please come up the adoption centre to meet her.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Spring Fair

May 5th

Venue: Isle of Wight Adoption Centre, 122 Marlborough Road, Ryde.

Time: 12 - 4pm

Cats Protection invites you to come to our Spring Fair on Saturday 5th May. There will be stalls, refreshments, a large raffle and much much more!

Music by Dave Ouston who regularly plays at our events. Also for the kids David Randini the Magician will be here at 2pm. 

Please if everyone could give just a couple of items for our fair it will make a really big difference. We will raise more funds to help the cats in our care. Books, unwanted gifts puzzles, board games, bottles (squash, coke, lemonade, wine) for bottle tombola. All donations are gratefully received, thank you.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Success Story

Sunny and Snowy

Dear all,

We thought it was about time to let you know how we are getting on in our new home.

We have settled in well and are enjoying a healthy diet, not too much wet food but plenty of biscuits, all washed down with lots of water. If we are especially good we also get some scrummy treats, but we cannot agree on which we like so our new humans have had to buy us both different ones.

We have got plenty of things to keep us occupied, like the lovely toys our new owners and their friends have bought us as welcome gifts. 

We are spoilt rotten with plenty of cuddles and lots of fuss, have chosen our respective chairs and are allowed to share the sofa occasionally, either with or without 'mum'. And guess what – we can sleep on the bed at night!

The garden is great for adventures and the neighbours seem friendly enough, well the two legged ones do – we have had to sort out a certain four legged character who seemed to think this place was his, but we saw to that!! Great joint effort even if we do say so ourselves, don't worry no damage to any parties but we keep watch at the patio window in case he decides to return.

Sunny has become very chatty and so relaxed that he sleeps on his back all the time, it is just a pity that he snores so loudly! He loves to lick hands, purr loudly and have big head rubs. Mum and Dad call him a lovely rogue as he is always doing silly, and sometimes naughty, things. He could definitely do with a bit more practice at climbing trees as his latest dismount from the willow tree wasn't very dignified!

Snowy is more sensitive and cautious but no more loving. He has become a bit of a mummy's boy and can get a little jealous at times if Sunny gets too close during Snowy and Mum time. He too has got used to having daily cuddles and enjoys having his tummy tickled. Purring is also a favourite pass time and nothing beats a good brush to get rid of his old fur and make his velvety coat shine, unlike Sunny who has to be bribed.

All in all we are very happy in our new home. We thank you for looking after us when we needed help and for assisting us in finding a loving home.

Sunny and Snowy (Fuller)

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Dex, Evie and Ella

Dex - happy in his new home

A few months ago we had a group of kittens of varying age brought into the centre. They were all very nervous. After a few months some of them had been homed but four were left. We named them Dex, Scooby, Evie and Ella. 

After some time we felt that no progress was being made with them. We made the tough decision to separate Dex from the group as he showed positive signs towards us. After as few weeks he became more confident and trusting of us. He took on a whole new personality and became a cheeky little chappy. 


Not long after he found a lovely home with the purr-fect family. Here are a few snaps of Dex in his new home. Doesn't he look marvellous? We are all so happy for him, it just goes to show that with patience and perseverance a shy cat can really come out of their shell.

Scooby, Evie and Ella

After Dex went to his new home we decided to separate Scooby from the group. He soon warmed to us much like Dex did. He was soon adopted and went to live with Harry and Ziggy. All three boys are getting on so well. Harry and Ziggy you may remember were here at the centre for ages, even though they were young, friendly and healthy.

Then there were two left Evie and Ella. These two girlies were kept together for a long time but we made the hard decision to separate them too. It really pulled on our heart strings but we just had to try something. It had worked for Dex and Scooby. The two girls are coping well on their own and their confidence is slowly increasing. They are still however looking for a home. 

Evie and Ella can go separately or together as we know they like one another. They ideally need a quiet home with understanding owners. They can live with other cats and possibly dogs. So please if this sounds like your home and you have room for one or two give us a call! 

They are both such sweet cats, who deserve to be happy and loved. It is so rewarding when you get a purr from them.

These girls now desperately need YOUR help! Contact us here at the centre on 01983 562609. We are open daily from 11am - 3pm.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Out of work mousers

Seeking local employment

The Isle of Wight Adoption Centre has out of work mousers, looking for local employment. They need shelter, food, water and a large outdoor space. Do you have the facilities to  provide them with this type of home? If so please contact the centre on 01983 562609 for more details, thank you. 


Hi my name is Hector. I am a out of work mouser looking for a rural home. I would love to live somewhere with a large outdoor space, shelter, water and food daily.

All I want is to be back out there doing my own thing, catching mice and living as a free spirit. If you live on a farm and have somewhere that I can lodge I would love to
fill that space.  


Hey my names Sylvester. I am a big chunky boy who likes to act all manly! I am quite a naughty nipper! I came into CP care as a stray. I was so frightened for the first few weeks but now I'm much more settled. 

I love the food here it's great knowing that I have regular meals. I would love a home with a large outdoor space. All I want is somewhere that I can be myself, have shelter, food, water and have a quiet life. 

Can you help Hector and Sylvester? They are so desperate to be free again, they'll be no trouble at all. So please spread the word and help get these two out into the countryside again.

Saturday, 14 April 2012


The facts

Cats Protection receives hundreds of calls from pregnant women every year concerned about catching toxoplasmosis from their cat.

UK mums are confused and concerned over the advice they receive about cats and pregnancy, according to latest research conducted by Cats Protection.

The study, which surveyed over 1,500 mothers or expectant mothers through the website, found that almost seven out of ten women admitted they were worried they could catch something from their pet while pregnant and 60 per cent were concerned that their cat could pass on an illness to their new baby.

The UK’s leading cat welfare charity decided to conduct the study and launch the results in advance of National Family Week because hundreds of pregnant women phone the charity’s national helpline each year to ask about giving up their cat – something that Cats Protection says is unnecessary and is only adding to the UK’s unwanted cat problem.

Maggie Roberts, Cats Protection’s Director of Veterinary Services, said: “Our research shows that women are worrying about diseases such as toxoplasmosis but they aren’t being presented with accurate information. Studies show that cat owners are statistically no more likely to get toxoplasmosis than non-cat owners. The chance of contracting the disease from your cat is very small indeed – in fact you are more likely to get it from handling raw meat. Of course all cat owners should practise good hygiene routines, especially hand washing after dealing with a litter tray and before handling food, but that’s just common sense”.

The survey also revealed that over 35 per cent of pregnant women were being given the wrong advice about cats and pregnancy and over a quarter of women who received advice from a family member were told to get rid of their cat. Even more worrying, according to Maggie Roberts, over 16 per cent of respondents were advised to give up their cats by a non-qualified resource such as a blog or forum. “As a vet, I’ve noticed the rise in new media has led some pet owners to assume they are receiving expert knowledge from the internet when often quite the opposite is true,” she warned. “People should always ensure they are taking advice from a reputable source.”

Family doctor and parenting author Dr Carol Cooper also believes the misconceptions the survey revealed are cause for concern: “I'm horrified how many women give up a loved family pet because they wrongly believe they shouldn't have contact with cats during pregnancy. This can upset the whole family. As for the poor cat, it goes into care and charities like Cats Protection are stuck with finding new homes - not an easy task in this current climate.”

In light of the findings, Cats Protection is keen to reassure all parents-to-be that, by following a few simple steps, it is safe to keep your cat while welcoming new additions to your family.

The advice includes:
  • Get someone else to change your cat’s litter tray if you can, and if you can't, wear gloves and wash your hands carefully after changing the box
  • Change cat litter daily as T. gondii is infectious between one and five days after the cat defecates 
  • Do not feed your cat raw meat 
  • Wash your hands after contact with stray cats and kittens 
  • Keep outdoor sandboxes covered   
  • Wear gloves when gardening in case a cat has toileted there 

To support its recommendations, Cats Protection has produced a leaflet on toxoplasmosis which can be downloaded from Anyone worried about owning a cat during pregnancy can call the charity’s national Helpline on 03000 12 12 12 for advice.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Care leaflets

Essential Guides

From the considerations to take into account when adopting a cat to details of watching his weight and behaviour, the Essential Guides series tells you everything you need to know about responsible cat ownership.

Veterinary Guides

From dealing with fleas to caring for deaf and blind cats, the Veterinary Guides series answers all the important questions regarding the well-being of your feline companion.

Written by our expert team of vets, this set of guides provides the information that will help put your mind at ease.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Ear Polyps

Nala has been in our care for a few months now and sadly no one has shown any interest in her. She is a dainty, friendly girl who is 13 years old. Early on we discovered that Nala has ear polyps. 

Ear polyps in cats are a fairly uncommon occurrence but can cause severe damage to the eardrum if not properly diagnosed or treated. Ear polyps can occur in cats of all ages but are usually seen in cats between the ages of 1 and 4. They affect all breeds and both sexes equally. The exact cause of ear polyps is not known, however, some theories suggest that they result from a reaction to inflammation, possibly caused by bacteria, fungi, or calicivirus. Another possibility is that they originate from some remnants of brachial arches that are present in early fetal development.

The most common treatment of an ear polyp is through surgical removal. Usually, the veterinarian pulls up the long stalk to which the polyp is attached and cuts it off. The problem with this simple non-invasive surgery is that the root of the polyp remains within the ear and can resurface within a short period of one to eight months. 

We have decided to let nature takes its course with Nala. Surgery would not permanently remove the polyps and would cause her more stress. She is currently on some medication and is having lots of cuddles. She really is a lovely cat, we just need someone to see how wonderful she is and look past her age. She really is such a sweetheart and we think she's beautiful. 

If you think Nala could be your purr-fect companion please come and visit her. We are open everyday from 11am-3pm.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to all of our loyal supporters and volunteers. Here are a few images that we captured this week of Hope's and Carmen's kittens in a Easter theme! 

Thank you for you continued support of the centre - we really appreciate it. 

Also a massive thank you to everyone who has been following the blog. A lot of hard work goes into writing it and It's lovely to know that people are reading it and enjoying it.  

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Older cats

Not yet over the hill

We currently have some older cats in our care. Despite their age they are healthy and deserve a chance to be happy. A lot of people overlook the golden oldies in favour of younger cats. We must remember however that all cats will become elderly. 

In their senior years cats are often better companions and they are very loyal. This is why it is so sad when one has to find a new home with us. Often the poor cat is left heartbroken. This may be due to the death of their owner or change in circumstances. Older cats need your love as well, if not even more.

We wonder if you can guess the age of these senior ladies. Katie (top left) Nala (top right) and Molly (left). They are still waiting to find their purr-fect companions.

To find more about them please visit our website, thank you.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


A lovely lad

Felix came into the centre a few weeks ago with a horrific abscess on the left side of his face. He was immediately seen by our vet and given a course of long acting antibiotic's and pain relief. His abscess is now almost healed and he is  now looking so handsome.

We he first arrived here he was such a shy boy, but now he's really starting to come into his own. He is cross-eyed which makes him look a little strange. We really think its quite an endearing feature and gives him character.

He is now up for re-homing, he is currently in our maternity unit. He is an affectionate boy, who wants to feel loved again. So please ask to see him, he would love to meet you.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Homing Success

We have had some brilliant homing success over the last week.

Penny went to her new home after being here at the centre for six months! 

Tosca went to her new home on Friday and Sooty & Sherbert two of our long stay cats are off to their new home together tomorrow.

Also reserved this week are Jewel and Tiggy. Both of these cats have been at the centre for ages and we are thrilled that someone wants to take them on. 

Even though we have homed a few cats this week. We still have many more needing your help. Poor Nermal has been with us for what seems like forever. He is a handsome, sleek cat who needs a quiet home. He loves to be brushed and made a fuss off. He is so bored here at the cattery, please give him a chance. It's so sad seeing him stuck in his white box, no matter how much we do to make him feel at home, nothing compares to the real thing.

Watch Nermal's video below. What a handsome boy he is, how can anyone resist his charms?