Sunday, 11 May 2014

Heartbreak as family have to part with their cats!

Childs illness leads family to make hard decision to part with their cats

My little girl's health has continually suffered really bad breathing problems since birth! It has never really got better and she is on 2-3 inhalers constantly as well as granules and other medication! The doctors now think it's the cat hair and the dander that comes off them. This has given us the toughest choice I have ever made and I have now accepted that I must re-home our two wonderful cats!

Both cats came from Cats Protection and ideally I would love to help them find a new home so they don't have to go back to CP, especially for Tom as he is old and blind. I worry so much that nobody will want him! Tom is still very active as his disability doesn't stop him enjoying life. Being blind from birth Tom has not known anything different, he is a really amazing cat, I am heart broken as he is MY cat, I've had him for years and he follows me everywhere. Tom is mainly an indoor house cat but does enjoy a venture into the garden to relax in the sunshine (and to toilet) under supervision. Trixy is still quite young and adaptable and is a happy house cat.  She does go out to an enclosed garden but to be honest they both prefer the indoors.They could go together or on there own, to be fair we got Trixy a few years after Tom so they get on but are very independent! We think Tom might be around 15yrs and Trixie is only 4yrs It's not been an easy decision and one we have tried to think of ways around but sadly there isn't one. My poor little girl has had another 2 trips to hospital this week alone! I need to do what's best for her now.Please if there is anyone who can help my family in giving my cats a home where they can be loved and cared for, get in touch through Cats Protection. Thank you for reading this and I'm hoping someone out there will give these cats a chance. Scott