Friday, 20 September 2013

Special offer!! 2 cats for £70!



Currently at the adoption centre we have many duos looking for their purrfect homes

Whether they are siblings, or old friends these duos have a special bond between them that means we need to home them together.

After finding themselves homeless, the only rock they have is each other.

Of course us cat lovers will know only too well that not all cats want to be in the company of another cat especially if that cat has never had the fun of another feline friend, or been bullied, or even too old to care for a companion.

Thinking of getting two cats?

What are the benefits of a pair?

Got room for more feline friends?

Then why not take a look at our wonderful duos!! They have already established a friendship taking the stress away from you!

You know they are good with other cats... making even more future feline friends a possibility!

  • Out all day? You don’t have to worry your cat is lonely and possibly destructive due to being bored! They have each other to occupy them!

  • Cats are individuals, one may be playful and independent and the other smooches and cuddles. Best of both worlds!

  • They have each other to play with, as your cat gets older, it can get lazier, and with each other to play with they can keep on their toes!

  • And in sad times they have each other to lean on, and when eventually one goes to kitty heaven, you and your cat will be able to comfort each other and not be alone.

  • Glamor puss! They have each other to socially groom and keep in tip top condition.

  • Going on holiday?! Then you can get someone pop in to feed you cats and spend time with them without the worry of them being lonely.

If you are considering adopting a delightful duo, then please pop in and visit. We currently have a special offer! 2 cats for just £70!!