Tuesday, 17 December 2013

12 Nays of Christmas

12 Nays of Christmas!



Christmas is on its way and
the arrival of trees, guests
and fancy food will all have
an impact on your cat.
Cats Protection suggests
the following tips to make
sure your pet’s festive season
is a safe and happy one
Twelve gifts a-giving
Make sure that any toys you buy your
cat for Christmas are feline-friendly.
Choose ones with embroidered
features as opposed to plastic and glass
ones which can come off. If you get
your cat edible gifts, only buy special
pet treats.
Eleven things a-choking
Avoid using tinsel and ‘angel hair’ as
these can get stuck in cats’ throats.
If your tree is real, vacuum around it
frequently – as well as being a choking
hazard, pine needles can hurt cats’ feet
and cause infections.
Ten cords a-shocking
Electrical cords for fairy lights could be
mistaken for toys or prey, so keep them
covered up to avoid disaster.
Nine candles burning
They look pretty, but a fire won’t! Keep
them out of your cat’s reach to avoid
them being knocked over or causing
him an injury.
Eight gifts a-miaowing
Never give cats as presents unless this
has already been agreed with the
recipient. It goes without saying that
cats are a commitment beyond the
festive season and are not to be treated
as novelty gifts.
Several toxic plants
A number of festive plants are
potentially fatal to cats, including
mistletoe, holly, ivy and Christmas
roses so choose carefully and keep
them out of the reach of moggies.
For more information on which plants
may be harmful to your cat visit the
International Cat Care website at
Six baubles swinging
Your cat may well be tempted to biff
dangling decorations, so it’s best
to avoid glass baubles as they could
Five dressed-up cats
Do not be tempted to dress your cat
up. You may think it makes him look
‘cute’, but he’ll only feel stressed and
Four calling guests
Having friends and relatives to visit is
part and parcel of the Christmas period,
but your cat may not wish to join in
with the festivities. Ensure that he has
a quiet room to himself with his food,
water and litter tray easily accessible.
Tree water hazards
If you have a real tree, the base should
be a no-go area for puss. The water
may contain preservatives applied to
the tree that are poisonous to cats.
Cover up the base so he can’t get at it.
Two turkey bones
You may be tempted to share some
tasty morsels with puss, but restrict this
to a small amount of boneless turkey
for his Christmas dinner. Some rich
foods – like chocolate – are toxic to cats
and should definitely be off the menu.
A kitten stuck up a tree
To kittens in particular, the Christmas
tree is a toy-toting gift in itself.
Discourage your feline friend from
climbing it, but also ensure that its
base is as sturdy as possible in case he
sneaks off on a festive mountaineering
This was Taken from 'The Cat' magazine Winter 2013. Illustration: Russ Hudda

Friday, 20 September 2013

Special offer!! 2 cats for £70!



Currently at the adoption centre we have many duos looking for their purrfect homes

Whether they are siblings, or old friends these duos have a special bond between them that means we need to home them together.

After finding themselves homeless, the only rock they have is each other.

Of course us cat lovers will know only too well that not all cats want to be in the company of another cat especially if that cat has never had the fun of another feline friend, or been bullied, or even too old to care for a companion.

Thinking of getting two cats?

What are the benefits of a pair?

Got room for more feline friends?

Then why not take a look at our wonderful duos!! They have already established a friendship taking the stress away from you!

You know they are good with other cats... making even more future feline friends a possibility!

  • Out all day? You don’t have to worry your cat is lonely and possibly destructive due to being bored! They have each other to occupy them!

  • Cats are individuals, one may be playful and independent and the other smooches and cuddles. Best of both worlds!

  • They have each other to play with, as your cat gets older, it can get lazier, and with each other to play with they can keep on their toes!

  • And in sad times they have each other to lean on, and when eventually one goes to kitty heaven, you and your cat will be able to comfort each other and not be alone.

  • Glamor puss! They have each other to socially groom and keep in tip top condition.

  • Going on holiday?! Then you can get someone pop in to feed you cats and spend time with them without the worry of them being lonely.

If you are considering adopting a delightful duo, then please pop in and visit. We currently have a special offer! 2 cats for just £70!!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Employment Opportunity - Minnie Moo seeks housekeeper/servant for permanent position.

 Minnie Moo starts to trust again

Hello Minnie Moo here -  I came into Cats Protection with a neck injury and was feeling very nervous about everything. I found it difficult to settle at the centre. Once my neck was almost healed the staff decided that I needed to have my own personal servant or as they call it a foster carer. I have been in foster care for about three weeks now and am now looking to employ my own housekeeper. This temp does her best but its no substitute for a permanent home with staff.

I’ll let my servant uh em I’d better say foster carer (she can get a bit touchy about these things, strange creature) explain more about me and what it’s like to be in my employ…

Hi I’m Minnie’s foster carer  but servant is probably a better description if I’m honest but then anyone who has owned a cat will know exactly what I mean. As Minnie has already told you she has been with me for about three weeks now and that she came into CP with a neck wound and is a nervous cat.

I don’t know a lot about Minnie’s past life but she was very nervous at the CP centre and hid all the time in her box. Since she has been in foster care with me at home, although she is still nervous, she has shown positive signs of improvement.
Minnie Moo is an interesting character and for a cat that is so nervous, she is not exactly backwards in coming forwards to let me know if she wants something. She is also surprisingly not bothered by all kinds of noisy things like thunderstorms. It just seems like she has never quite got to grips with being around humans.
At first she spent any time when I was around squeezed down the side of the sofa, tucked into the corner against a wall or just
 hissing at me whenever I went anywhere near.  She would mostly only come out for food and to use her litter tray when I was not around. I soon discovered that despite the hissing she is not immune to the power of Dreamies and that she would come out of hiding for them and allow me to stroke her whilst she ate them. I also realised that she was also purring as I stroked her.

Now although she hides away all day she has another bed which although still hidden is more out in the open, so she appears to be more comfortable in her surroundings and shows that she is slightly more relaxed. I still find her down the side of the sofa first thing in the morning which I really think is because she is waiting for breakfast as I have caught her out and about on several occasions now as her confidence slowly grows. She also has started to come out in the evening to meow at me if she wants more food or Dreamies cheeky madam! However the good bit is at that time I can stroke her and she seems to be ok with this.

She still hisses at me  at times but I think this is almost like a reflex action and despite the hissing she has not shown any real aggression towards me since she has been in my care.

Minnie is most active in the evening as the sun goes down  and will sit on the window sill and watch the world. She often plays with her toys at night when I have gone to bed but I have managed to play with her with a fishing rod toy a couple of times.

I have seen this improvement in a short space of time and think that it is now time for Minnie to find her permanent/forever home with somebody who is prepared to accept her as she is and to continue to work with her to increase her confidence with people.
Being honest, I don’t think she will ever completely give up her independant ways but with time I think that she may show further improvement and will reward her new owner/servant in her own unique way. Minnie Moo has obviously been through some trauma that she can't tell us about and needs patience and understanding and love she deserves.

Are you that special someone?

Because of Minnie Moo’s nature we are looking to home her directly from foster care  so if you are interested and either want more information or would like to offer her a home please contact the adoption centre on tel:01983 562609 or isleofwight@cats.org.uk

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Black Cats Need Love Too

Don't pass us by!

We say don't judge a book by it's cover so lets not judge a cat by his or her colour.



We have so many really friendly black cats and kittens looking for homes and we are appealing to cat lovers to come along and get to know them.

Think you're seeing double? Mimi & Boo, black beauty sisters with stunning eyes

Meet Lola, a gentle and loving lady

If you've got time for lots of play then choose one of our black kittens, always last to be chosen but have lovely personalities

Sometimes a black cat is one of a pair and people always want the other cat and not the black one, like Lexie and Bonzy. So lets give these not so lucky cats a chance as once you get to know them you'll see colour doesn't matter at all.

Bonzy (black) & Lexie (tabby)

Minnie & Rory cheeky young pair

So come along and meet our wonderful cats and kittens and maybe you'll go home with a little black magic! 

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Have Fun Fostering for CP

Have you wanted to have kittens in your home to enjoy but worried about not finding new homes for them? Well now you can.

Help us with fostering and you can have all the fun playing with kitties with support from the adoption centre and when they are 8/9wks old they can be returned to the centre for rehoming. Just give us a call tel:01983 562609 or email isleofwight@cats.org.uk for an application form.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Understanding Our Cats Behaviour

Trying to help the cats in our care

Sandy - highly intelligent boy who is bored and sad.
Dealing with so many cats in one place you see many personalities and characters. Not all cats settle into cattery life immediately and these cats need extra TLC. It can be a stressful environment especially for the cat that dislikes other cats. The cats in our care have lost their home, been parted from their owner and struggle to understand why they have been left at CP. People cats – those cats that have had a very close relationship with an owner cat become depressed leading to a change in their behaviour.  They can become introverted and unresponsive to the staff. Other cats will feel insecure and frightened being surrounded by lots of other cats leading to frustration at not being able to get away.
Both behaviours require patience and our dedicated staff and volunteers to spend quality time with these cats to ensure their stay with us is as comfortable as possible. Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs.  Can you offer a home for one of our lonely cats and give them the love they need.

Sylvester - larger than life amusing cheeky chap like his namesake. Loves to play in his tunnels but unhappy about being confined.

Ralphie - stunning looking cat but he is upset and confused about being at CP. He is stressed and frustrated and needs understanding owner.

Oscar is an adventurous lad who loves chasing and playing, he would make a good hunter. He enjoys company but is desperate to get back to nature. Oscar would suit a home with space or a stables/nursery where he can have shelter, food and companionship.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Too young to be put to sleep!

Please help us find Indy a home,

Indy came into the centre for rehoming about a week ago as his owner unfortunately could not take him when she had to move home.  At only 2yrs old Indy is a sweet and friendly boy who has come into care with his friend Quincy.
We are looking for a special outdoor home which could be a stables or a nursery where Indy can just enjoy his freedom but still have companionship, food and care and sheltered accommodation.
We were advised that Indy had been in a car accident and unbeknown to us when he arrived he was also suffering from incontinence as a consequence of this injury. As Indy has lost the control of his tail, it is now a hindrance to him so the vets are going to remove his tail which is the kindest thing to do for him.
We have our fingers crossed for Indy that removing his tail may help give him a better quality of life and a chance of a future and a kind loving home. This will stop him dragging it behind him, causing any more possible injuries and also will be a lot more hygienic. This is a very special loving cat and when he has put all his traumas in his young short life behind him the person that adopts this cat will have a wonderful companion.
How can I help?
We are looking for people to make a donation, whether is 10p or £10 towards Indy’s operation and after care.
Once we are happy Indy can be rehomed please check out website or give us a call for more information.
At this time Indy is in with his friend Quincy to keep him company, it would be nice if Indy and Quincy can be rehomed together but we understand that they may have to be homed separately though.
We feel at such a young age and as such a adorable cat Indy has a lot to live for!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Snowy Needs a Chance


Imagine being all alone, frightened with no food or shelter and pregnant. This was how Snowy found herself at the end of last year. Who had scared this poor little cat so much she was scared of her own shadow? Terrified of people but knowing if she was to survive and provide for her soon to be born kittens she had to find food.

Taking refuge under a shed in a garden in Newport Snowy began to appear scavenging for scraps. Luckily a kind lady put out food for her not realising that soon she would be feeding more than just Snowy.

At the beginning of January Snowy had her kittens. We only know of two kittens but there could have been more that did not survive the cold weather. In early February CP got the call that kittens had been seen in the garden and could we help. People saw a kitten dart out from under the shed and they were worried that their dogs may hurt them. They loaned a humane trap from CP and caught them for us.
No-one knows the true story to why Snowy was homeless on the streets but she is not feral and so she must have had a harrowing experience which made her so mistrustful of people.

A few months on and Snowy is showing a little improvement and has the company of her tortie kitten “Crystal” but it is a very slow process. It didn’t help that she had to have her vaccinations and spay which set back any progress we might have had. Necessary but to a frightened cat a nerve racking time. The kitten is a bit braver than Snowy and will have a play chasing the string. Snowy quietly watches, sometimes shaking although she wants to see what is happening. We’re hoping that the interaction with Crystal will show Snowy that we have no intention of hurting her.

Volunteers and staff spend quiet time with this shy pair daily and we are looking for people who will show Snowy and Crystal love and patience to bring them on and offer them both a loving home.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Story of Tiddles

Tiddles- My Story

Me as a kitten.

My mum Tills was a beautiful 1 year old tabby girl who was found with me when I was only 9 weeks old. We had been strays living on the streets in Cowes. Some lovely people called up Cats Protection and asked if they could they help.
Well, mum and me were taken into the home on the 12th August 2004.
The lady in charge here is still racking her brains to work out why mum was then homed on separately without me. She says there must have been a reason at the time. Bless her, her memory doesn't work like it used to!

I was then rehomed to a lovely lady who worked at the local hospital and she really tried to keep hold of me trying her best to stop me tiddling around her house especially at night but sadly I didn’t stop. My human mum was very sad to have to take me back to the shelter but it was for the best intentions. So there we go and I was back again. It’s now 22nd February 2005 and there is an eureka moment. As I have grown they have noticed my night tiddling antics had a real reason. I have a birth defect which had not been noticed due to my longish fur. I was urinating through the middle part of my tummy drip,drip,drip!!!!
Young in the sun!

Well the staff at the home and their lovely vets got together to chat about what could be done to help me. Would you believe Mr. Richard Griffiths was able to perform a very delicate operation to connect up my water-work pipes? I was a very lucky boy with now a chance for a normal life. My recovery took a little time and luckily I became a very much loved member of the team at the Cats home.

My eye sight now that was another story...The boss lady is not sure who noticed first but luckily someone did. I think the giveaway was me bumping into things! I went to visit the lovely vet again, boy did he love cats, and then after more discussions it was suggested I was seen by the specialist eye man Mr. Ian Mason at the Riverbank hospital (Now Petdoc). The two bosses of the home came with me to reassure me not to be scared.

Helping with the filing!
They were both very fascinated chatting with Mr. Mason about my rare eye condition. The bosses decided not to tell me that Mr. Mason had advised this was the start of a downward slope for my eye sight. But they did decide where better for me to live where I knew best …the cats home.

Trying to hitch a ride in a visitor's buggy!!

Today I cope ok with my poor sight as Mr. Mason had said. I have shadows to follow and light still plays a major part in me getting around. And of course I AM A CAT! All my other senses have doubled up especially my smells when there is food around. If I’m in a mischievous mood especially in the summer I like to chase the staff around running towards their legs. It’s a great game as they try to out-run me. I know I am one of the lucky ones as I am a very much loved cat and will always have a home.

Can you believe in June I will be 9 years old, where has the time gone? To help the home I happily greet visitors, check out donated goods for my homeless feline friends along with other duties.

 So rest assured that this is my permanent home and everyone is welcome to come and visit me soon!!!

Tiddles in his box fort! No box is safe around Tiddyfee!


Spring 2013, playing in the snowdrops!

Official scratching post tester!

Opps?! It wasn't me!

Official Receptionist!

Official toy tester!

Treat quality control officer!

Tiddles Cat Modeling Portfolio pic!