Sunday, 24 March 2013

Story of Tiddles

Tiddles- My Story

Me as a kitten.

My mum Tills was a beautiful 1 year old tabby girl who was found with me when I was only 9 weeks old. We had been strays living on the streets in Cowes. Some lovely people called up Cats Protection and asked if they could they help.
Well, mum and me were taken into the home on the 12th August 2004.
The lady in charge here is still racking her brains to work out why mum was then homed on separately without me. She says there must have been a reason at the time. Bless her, her memory doesn't work like it used to!

I was then rehomed to a lovely lady who worked at the local hospital and she really tried to keep hold of me trying her best to stop me tiddling around her house especially at night but sadly I didn’t stop. My human mum was very sad to have to take me back to the shelter but it was for the best intentions. So there we go and I was back again. It’s now 22nd February 2005 and there is an eureka moment. As I have grown they have noticed my night tiddling antics had a real reason. I have a birth defect which had not been noticed due to my longish fur. I was urinating through the middle part of my tummy drip,drip,drip!!!!
Young in the sun!

Well the staff at the home and their lovely vets got together to chat about what could be done to help me. Would you believe Mr. Richard Griffiths was able to perform a very delicate operation to connect up my water-work pipes? I was a very lucky boy with now a chance for a normal life. My recovery took a little time and luckily I became a very much loved member of the team at the Cats home.

My eye sight now that was another story...The boss lady is not sure who noticed first but luckily someone did. I think the giveaway was me bumping into things! I went to visit the lovely vet again, boy did he love cats, and then after more discussions it was suggested I was seen by the specialist eye man Mr. Ian Mason at the Riverbank hospital (Now Petdoc). The two bosses of the home came with me to reassure me not to be scared.

Helping with the filing!
They were both very fascinated chatting with Mr. Mason about my rare eye condition. The bosses decided not to tell me that Mr. Mason had advised this was the start of a downward slope for my eye sight. But they did decide where better for me to live where I knew best …the cats home.

Trying to hitch a ride in a visitor's buggy!!

Today I cope ok with my poor sight as Mr. Mason had said. I have shadows to follow and light still plays a major part in me getting around. And of course I AM A CAT! All my other senses have doubled up especially my smells when there is food around. If I’m in a mischievous mood especially in the summer I like to chase the staff around running towards their legs. It’s a great game as they try to out-run me. I know I am one of the lucky ones as I am a very much loved cat and will always have a home.

Can you believe in June I will be 9 years old, where has the time gone? To help the home I happily greet visitors, check out donated goods for my homeless feline friends along with other duties.

 So rest assured that this is my permanent home and everyone is welcome to come and visit me soon!!!

Tiddles in his box fort! No box is safe around Tiddyfee!


Spring 2013, playing in the snowdrops!

Official scratching post tester!

Opps?! It wasn't me!

Official Receptionist!

Official toy tester!

Treat quality control officer!

Tiddles Cat Modeling Portfolio pic!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Age is just a Number

Help us find homes for our older cats - Please...

I would like to ask all those people who think that any cat more than ten years old is too old to adopt to read this and think again.

Gentle boy Bicardi age 14yrs

abandoned Jessie - age 14yrs approx

Some years ago the average life expectancy for a pet cat was twelve to fourteen years. Today, thanks to advances in veterinary medicine and improved nutrition this has changed. Many cats reach their late teens and beyond and still enjoy a good quality of life.

This means that a twelve year old cat, that would have been considered old is now no more than middle aged.

Adorable Enzo & Charlie age 13yrs

People also think that owning an older cat will inevitably mean frequent expensive visits to the vet. This is not necessarily so, as in the last five years apart from vaccinations, my twenty year old cat visited the vet on only two occasions and one was for a minor matter. Older cats are less likely to wander far from home or fight which reduces the likelihood of road accidents or infected bite wounds.

Elderley Ethel found wandering the streets

Of course, kittens are delightful and we all love them but it is not easy to predict what their characters will become when they are only a few weeks old.
With an older cat what you see is what you get and what you get is often a charming, affectionate companion who just wants to spend time with you.

Rosemary Stephenson - Volunteer

Friday, 8 March 2013

Urgent appeal for Molly!

Good Golly Miss Molly!!! 160 days in care today!!

Has it nearly been 6 months already?

Molly came into our care on the 29th of September 2012, a sweet loving girl she was and she very quickly moved up for homing.
After a week or so we started to realise Molly wasn't our average moggie, and that she was a very bright intelligent girl! This meant that she quickly grew bored of us, her pen and being shut in it.

Molly started to only want to see us on her terms, she would have to come to you for fuss and some cats are just like this but Molly just seemed a little grumpier than the average cat. She wanted the attention and fuss but then would suddenly get annoyed. It was sad to see her like this, wanting to be loved yet being so irritable.

Over time we started to notice she wasn’t gaining much weight and increasingly asking for food so we got her blood tested and Molly has Hyperthyroidism.

And you guessed it, one of the most common signs is ...... Irritability!!!

Poor misunderstood Molly

An extremely intelligent cat, in a pen for almost 6months with a condition she just cannot understand.

Molly is now being treated for Hyperthyroidism and responding really well. Since she has been on her medication she has really relaxed and enjoys our company so much more. She has really bonded with Cat Carer Zan and our Volunteer Cat Socialisers.

What is hyperthyroidism?

There are many websites that can give you information on hyperthyroidism; we chose to link this site as we found it is very informal about the condition.
Also while Molly has been here, she has had some cosmetic surgery to remove a wart on her head!! We hoped that would cheer her up lol!

We hope that March will be Molly’s month with your help!

We would really like to get Molly homed this month and give her the home she truly deserves!

Cat carer Zan has fallen in love with Molly, here is what she has to say about her;

I love this cat! If I could have her, I would! However Molly needs to be in control and an only cat ( she wouldn't appreciate my 4 cats!). She certainly is a character and would make a fantastic addition to the right home. She has a very loving side too, she likes to elegantly perch on my lap and she just needs to be understood. She stretches out on her back legs to kiss your face which is most endearing! I know that the right home for Molly is out there, I'm gonna miss her like mad when she goes, but It will be worth it to know that she has found her happy ending at last.