Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Young cats looking for homes


Age : Less than a year old

Reason for admittance: Stray

Personality: Affectionate and fun-loving



Age: Less than a year old

Reason for admittance: Pregnant stray

Personality: Playful and gentle


Age: 2 years

Reason for admittance: Pregnant stray

Personality: Cool, calm and collected.  


Age: 2 years old

Reason for admittance: Attacked by dogs

Personality: Cute and cuddly

Where have all our adopters gone?

Please help

We currently have almost 100 cats and kittens here at the centre. We are receiving countless calls everyday from people who need our help. What we really need is YOUR help to find homes for all of this homeless felines. Some of them have been here for months.

Over the last week hardly anyone has come through our door looking to adopt. No one even seems to want to adopt our kittens, which is unheard of. We are getting very worried, we can't help more cats if we can't find homes for the ones we have already got.

So please help us spread the word. The situation here is desperate.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

More cute kittens!

Rook's kittens

Rook was found at Rookley Country Park on the Island with her four tiny babies. We have estimated that the kittens are around 3 weeks old. Rook was very unsettled for the first few days, it can be a very stressful environment here for the cats. After a few days she began to settle down and now she seems a much happier girl. 

This image was taken earlier today of Rook and her little family.

Jenny and her babies

Jenny and her kittens came into the centre on Thursday after her owner sadly passed away. We immediately noticed that something wasn't quite right with one of Jenny's nipples. Due to a really bad mastitis infection she had two nasty wounds around one of her nipples. 


She was rushed down the the vets with the kittens. Tim the vet shaved her mammary area and gave it a really thorough clean. He advised that Jenny should have a course of antibiotic's and that we should clean the wounds twice daily with cold tea. Yes, that's right cold tea! Cold tea acts as an astringent to help cleanse the wound and prevent further infection.

We are pleased to say that since Thursday her mammary area is much improved and looks a lot less sore. The cold tea and antibiotics are obviously working well. These images were taken of Jenny's gorgeous little family earlier.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Success Story

Alfie and Ronnie

Alfie and Ronnie have been in to lots of mischief together and separately. From the arrival it was clear that they had totally different personalities, Alfie took his time while Ronnie rushed around checking everywhere and everything.
They have settled in well and like to watch me gardening sometimes trying to help by chasing the pigeons away. The two of them are great company and keep me on my toes and are very much part of the family.
All the best and keep on doing a fantastic job.   


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

We can only dream

    Tipsy and Coszee

We are two sisters called Tipsy and Coszee

Staying in we’ve become relaxed, but a little lazy

With the days getting warmer and the evenings lighter

We can only dream that our futures will be brighter

We are cute little ladies, affectionate and smart

Just one cuddle and we will melt your heart

We just adore attention and would love some fuss

So please if you have the time, come along
and meet us.

Success Story

Toffee and Fudge

Toffee and Fudge were adopted from the centre four years ago. They were very timid and reserved when they were here. 

Their personalities have totally changed, it just goes to show that time and love can make a real difference in a cats life.

Hello everyone.

Thought you might all like to see up to date photos of the boys on their fifth birthday.
As you can see they have grown into quite large cats.

They are very loving especially when being fussed around their ears! It is hard to believe they have been living with us now for over 4 years.

Paula & Brian Woods

Monday, 21 May 2012


 Tiger turned teddy bear


Sylvester came into the centre as a stray. For a while he was very quiet and quite shell shocked. Eventually he started to come out of his shell and he started to bite everyone! It has taken a few weeks of socialisation to get him to the stage he is at now. 

He is now much happier and will let you stroke him, pick him up and he will even sit on your lap. He is starting to relish all the attention he is getting. 


We still feel however that he would suit a more outdoor home. He is such a strong willed cat and he is so desperate to have freedom again. 

These photos were taken of Sylvester with volunteer Ann. Just look how cute he is! He really is turning into a gentle giant, but ssshhh don't tell him that! 

So if you have a home with a large outdoor space then please come and meet him. His charms are sure to win you over. 

Friday, 18 May 2012

Carnival through the years

2003 - Garfield

 2006 - The Pink Panther

2011 - Cat in the Hat

The carnival wall

We have created a carnival wall along the fence at the adoption centre. Rather than discarding the paintings from previous years we thought that displaying them would be a good idea. Of course the boards have been treated to protect them from the elements. We think this really brightens up and gives extra life to our garden. We are very proud of our carnival entries. This year we are entering at Puss in Boots and we already have plans to enter as Top Cat next year!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Kitten update

Sooty's kittens

Sooty is such a friendly girl, its very difficult to photograph her. When this shot was taken she was purring, rolling over and being very cute. So apologies for it being a bit blurry! 

All of the babies are doing great and feeding from mum well. She has two boys and two girls. The tortie is a female, black and white is a male and one of each of the tabby's.

April's babies

April has the most gorgeous three kittens. She has two boys and one girl. All are very similar and equally adorable. 

April is quite a protective mum, but also a very gentle one. She has such a lovely nature and that trait should pass on to her babies. 

Lily's family

Lily is another mum who is just so excited to see you. She just will not stay still long enough to that a good photo! 

The babies however were a little more co-operative. They are now four weeks old. They are really starting to become mobile and have been exploring their new world this week. 

Hope and her kittens

Hope's kittens are now just over nine weeks old, blimey how the time has flown by! They are all reserved and will soon be going to their new homes. All four of them are being neutered tomorrow. 


Two of the kittens are a little small for their age but are still healthy. The smallest ginger boy was poorly for a while. He has a low white blood cell count so he was on medication for a few days. He is now much better and gaining weight everyday.

 Hope has now been separated from them so that she can be also neutered tomorrow. This will also mean that Hope can now find herself a loving home. 

Jodie and her kittens

Jodie's kittens are now just over eight weeks old. For a week they were all poorly with very upset tummy's. This sometimes happens during weaning. 

They are all now growing up very fast and have been separated from Jodie. Jodie was due to go to the vets tomorrow to be neutered. Since being separated from her kittens she has developed mastitis. Due to this she will probably have to wait until next week to have her operation. 

She is such a lucky girl she has already been reserved and has a lovely home to go too. After all she has been through she deserves to be happy.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Toy enrichment

Thanks to Shanklin Primary School

Last week we went to Shanklin Primary School. One of the activities we planned for them was to make some toilet roll pyramids for the cats. These make excellent puzzle feeders and help to relieve boredom.

They had also kindly made some toys for the cats at home, here are a few photos of the cats with the toys they made. 

We believe that making a cats stay at the centre as happy as possible is very important. Giving the cats something new to play with can make their day. So a big thank you must go out to all the children who took their time to make something.



Also this week we gave all our cats some cat mint that we have growing in our garden here at the centre. This went down a storm the cats went mad for it!  

So if you are feeling creative why not make our cats some toys at home. You could also grow some cat mint or cat grass in your garden. So please get involved in making a cats day!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Success stories


Noel was adopted in early April 2012. He originally came into the centre with his mum Bella and sister Tia. Bella was the first to be adopted. Tia had a much longer stay at the centre because she was pregnant. You may remember Tia's family from previous blog posts. 

All three of them are now happy in their new homes. Noel was always the shy one of the three. He is still coming out of his shell but his new family don't mind. They adore him and wouldn't change him for the world. 

He loves to play and chats to you all the time. He is a real softie, he loves to watch the birds but when they get too close he runs off! He also loves running water as a lot of cats do and thinks that it's something to play with.


Bruce was adopted in early April 2012. When Bruce was with us here he was a very shy puss and spend most of the time hiding. 

As you can see from these photographs Bruce has become more confident and is so happy in his new home. He is like a different cat, a happy ending like this make our job so worth while. 

Bruce's new owner adores him and her grandchildren love him too. He really is such a wonderful cat, so gentle and affectionate. Well done Brucey, we wish you all the best. 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Little Penny

Happy in her new home

Regular followers of the blog will remember little Penny. She was one of Queenie's kittens. 

During her stay here at the centre she became everybody's favourite. For a while we wondered whether Penny would survive. After all she went through she surprised us all and pulled through.

This photograph was taken on Tuesday, as you can see Penny looks fantastic and is happily settled in her new home. She is such a little character, she hasn't changed at all. She is the same confident, self assured little cat she always was. She is still small for her age but she always will be, she now weighs 1.75kg. 

Despite her size she eats very well and is spoilt rotten by her new family. She loves all her new feline friends as well. We are so happy that Penny's story was a happy one in the end. 

We wish you all the best little Penny. You really are an inspirational little cat.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sooty's family

Tiny babies - born last night

Sooty came into the centre yesterday morning, she was heavily pregnant. We didn't realise quite how close she was to labour until at around 4 pm when she started having contractions.

By the time we left she had had two kittens and we came in this morning to find four gorgeous, tiny babies. These photos were taken today of the happy family. She has two tabby and white kittens, one tortie and white kitten and one black and white kitten.

Mum and babied are doing really well, we wll keep you updated on how this adorable little family are getting on over the next few weeks.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Connie's family

Owner found

Connie and her kittens who were rescued from the rafters in a barn in Havenstreet have gone back to their owner.

Connie was taken in by a lady who lives on a farm very close by. Over the last six weeks Connie has become much more friendly towards her and began to trust her.

Her owner had to put Connie in the basket for us because she wouldn't let us get near her.

We are very happy that Connie and the babies have gone back home. Connie was not happy here in a pen so its a much better scenario for her. We wish them all the best.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Success Story


Good Morning all at Ryde CP,
We just wanted to let you know that Noel is settling very well at our house. He is still a very timid cat, but is getting to know us well. He loves running around our house in the evening and attacking things, before sleeping on our bed. He is slowly becoming more sociable, and seems to enjoy being near us, though never letting us pick him up. Also, we think he has got a little bigger, and all the running around he does is making him quite firm and strong. He has become quite a chatty cat, with a loud meow and purr, always greeting us when we come home, also he loves his sleep, often sleeping for hours without stirring. Many thanks for such a lovely cat and we look forward to seeing you when you come to visit him.
Sean, Estelle and Harry Hibberd