Monday, 22 April 2013

Snowy Needs a Chance


Imagine being all alone, frightened with no food or shelter and pregnant. This was how Snowy found herself at the end of last year. Who had scared this poor little cat so much she was scared of her own shadow? Terrified of people but knowing if she was to survive and provide for her soon to be born kittens she had to find food.

Taking refuge under a shed in a garden in Newport Snowy began to appear scavenging for scraps. Luckily a kind lady put out food for her not realising that soon she would be feeding more than just Snowy.

At the beginning of January Snowy had her kittens. We only know of two kittens but there could have been more that did not survive the cold weather. In early February CP got the call that kittens had been seen in the garden and could we help. People saw a kitten dart out from under the shed and they were worried that their dogs may hurt them. They loaned a humane trap from CP and caught them for us.
No-one knows the true story to why Snowy was homeless on the streets but she is not feral and so she must have had a harrowing experience which made her so mistrustful of people.

A few months on and Snowy is showing a little improvement and has the company of her tortie kitten “Crystal” but it is a very slow process. It didn’t help that she had to have her vaccinations and spay which set back any progress we might have had. Necessary but to a frightened cat a nerve racking time. The kitten is a bit braver than Snowy and will have a play chasing the string. Snowy quietly watches, sometimes shaking although she wants to see what is happening. We’re hoping that the interaction with Crystal will show Snowy that we have no intention of hurting her.

Volunteers and staff spend quiet time with this shy pair daily and we are looking for people who will show Snowy and Crystal love and patience to bring them on and offer them both a loving home.