Monday, 4 January 2016

Gulliver's travels over at last

In April we posted an appeal on facebook to find a loving but outdoor home with shelter and food for Gulliver. This boy could not cope with being confined to a pen and hated every minute. This was his story then…

“If I tell you my story will you just leave me be? My name is Gulliver and until recently I was on my travels, I live from day to day, I am a free spirit, a hunter, a feline warrior, I live off the land, at least I did until that dreadful day came…

On that day I was taken from my land, trapped in a cage and contained in a solitary environment with strange people. I now exist in a small white box; my miles of homeland have gone. I shouldn’t be here. It is wrong to keep a creature in a life of confinement, I am not meant for this life, I live in fear.

I plead with you to let me go, Let me live upon your land, I will cause you no harm. Let me live my life as nature intended. Not everybody was destined to be a house cat, I beg you to set me free…

Luckily Gulliver got his wish and went to live at a stables just outside Newport. On a visit a few weeks later it was clear to see that Gulliver was going to be so happy there and his new owner was gaining his trust and was allowed to stroke him. Now this picture taken tells it’s own story. Gulliver may travel around his land but he’s not going to be wandering off anytime soon
“Gulliver the stable cat has not only ridden the place of rodents but he's started doing yard jobs with the tractor. We love him. “

We often have cats more suited to an outdoor lifestyle who enjoy the freedom of the land. They just need regular food, shelter and some company. Call CP on Tel:562609 if you can help a cat like Gulliver be free once more.

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