Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Lucky Black Cats!

Don't make us wait til Halloween

Hello, we're Bernard & Tootsie,a pair of cheeky cute kitties that feel we're never going to find that special home. Even our Mum went two weeks ago and we're still here. Let us tell you our story and maybe just maybe you might offer us your love and home...

Our Mum came into Cats Protection at the end of March heavily pregnant and two days later gave birth to three dear little kittens (that's us!) Our Mum or Iris as the big people called her and us babies were then put in a box and taken to another place - then a kind man took care of all of us. This room had lots of places to hide and as Mum was shy she took advantage of this. As we got older and more adventurous we started to explore our surroundings while Mum hid but keeping an eye on us. We got used to this big man who fed us and played with us but Mum, she wasn't so sure. 

When we reached 8 weeks we were put in the box again and taken to the place that has lots of cats. It was a bit scary at first with strange faces peering in at us and then inevitably walking away. The man they called "the vet" stuck this sharp needle in us, it was very confusing with lots of comings and goings. Mum looked after us well and we decided that if she could cope then so could we. Gentle hands would try to touch us and encourage us to play and as time went on we got used to this and soon it became fun. More people came to look at us but they soon walked away and if we could understand "human speak" we would have known that they didn't want us because we were just another pair of black kittens! Then one day our sister was put in a box and didn't return.... That left our Mum and us by then named Tootsie & Bernard.

 A few weeks later another lady spent a long time with us but talking to our Mum more than us. Mum wasn't sure but she decided that maybe she could live with this lady and decided to give her a chance so she let the lady tickle her head and stroke her a bit. The next day our nervous Mum was put into a box and disappeared. That just left us two. On the plus side we had more space to play and well... we are now grown up kittens so we guessed we didn't need our Mum now. It was really sad at first not having her to snuggle up with.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we have our big people friends come and sit with us
We now chase our dangly toys and we have been even known to sit on a lap! We feel we now need a home where we can stretch our paws, feel the grass between our tootsies, relax in the sunshine and generally have fun and entertain our human friends. We even had a letter from Mum! She said it was scary at first but now she is enjoying training her new human...

So what are we really saying? We have been in care for over 167 days. We need that special someone to offer us a home. We would suit most households and would love to live together.... we have each other for company when you are out!

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