Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pickles aka Oscar Settled & Happy

Pickles lives up to his name as he enjoys his new home!

At CP we knew Pickles as Oscar, the lively chap who didn't understand hands were for stroking not biting. Through lots of exercise and play his behaviour improved and he became more affectionate and loving. Below we hear from his devoted Mum who knew as soon as she saw him that she wanted to offer Oscar a home bad habits and all!

Pickles has established his own little routine that suits him, watching the birds in the garden in the morning or he sun bathes if the weather suits, curls up on the bed for the afternoon until we get home and disturb his beauty sleep.  He has his tea and cuddles early evening then goes out on the town for most of the night!
Pickles and Jake

He gets on best with Jake (in the pic) who we re-homed from the RSPCA in 2007, they love playing with the flying frenzy toy together and running in and out of the table & chair legs chasing after a ping pong ball.  Pickles loves playing and will chase after things for ages without getting bored however he still hasn't caught any wildlife (well not that he's brought home anyway) which surprises me!

He loves his food and he is a really messy eater - It's always all over the floor and he makes some fantastic noises when he's eating so you can tell he is enjoying it.  His worst habit has to be that he expects you to share your dinner with him too and if you don't then he is quite happy to help himself!  He has a very mischievous personality and the change in his name completely reflects that.

This is my sofa!!

Pickles also used to flinch quite a lot when we first brought him home and as you know used to bite quite a bit but I'm pleased to say that this has to be where he has made the most progress.  The biting has gone from an almost daily attack when going to stroke or walk past him to the odd nip without much intent as it really is half hearted.  He even gives you the odd head butt when he comes for a cuddle.  He's actually turned into a bit of a softie but he won't thank me for telling you all that as he has a reputation to uphold....  I hope that one day we will be able to pick him up as that is still a big issue for him so it will be on his terms when and if it happens. 

This is my person! 

It's taken time and patience on both sides but he is slowly learning to trust us but it's really rewarding and watching him change has been great.  We would have loved him regardless though, it was love at first sight for me and I knew he was the one to join our family and share our home.  I still can't believe he was with you for that long, I keep telling myself it was because he was waiting for us, he was well worth the journey and we couldn't be happier together *:) happy

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